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Here’s a little bird sharing Charlie’s water bowl. I believe it to be a House Sparrow.

According to Wikipedia, this bird was once known as a “Phillip Sparrow” because of its song.

Further, Animal Diversity Web informs us that it is, in fact, not a sparrow but rather a member of the Weaver Finch family, originally from Africa.


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Rockin’ Robin

As always, ol’ Hawkeye Phil has kept me abreast of news in the yard while I run around like a chicken with its head cut off. This time, he has discovered an American Robin‘s nest built on the downspout of one of our decrepit gutters. I got a shot of her sitting in it on May 13.

Also, here’s a short video of the robin in the process of making the nest. You can see her using her breast and legs to shape the inside of the nest.

Our robin comes and goes, sitting on the nest for two days straight and then disappearing for days. One day when the robin was gone, I saw a squirrel come down from the roof and sniff around the nest. We thought she wouldn’t come back. But she did. Here she is on May 21:

By Phil

At the time of this post, she has been gone again for 2 days and there are still no eggs in the nest.


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Back with a vengeance

May is here and the yard is teeming with life (and visited by an occasional death).

The Big Tree got a good pruning over the winter, and it’s shaping up fabulously. Our honey bees have been very active already, and we’ve already seen a couple more baby squirrels there.

I’ve turned my attention to trying to document some of the bird species we have here, which has only met with mediocre photographs. I’ll share some anyway.

Here’s a Common Grackle posing in one of our apple trees. I’d really like to catch one in the act of anting, but here it’s just checking out the landscape.

And here’s a European Starling in the Big Tree, calling as you can see by its throat feathers. I found it interesting to read that this bird was introduced to Central Park in the 1890s by a fellow who wanted to establish in the US all the birds mentioned in the works of Shakespeare.

Check back soon for news on Phil’s latest discovery: a robin building her nest!

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