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More on the hummingbird…

I found this cool site that helped identify our little nectar lover as a Broad-tailed hummingbird. The key was noticing that her underparts are pale orange-brown and her throat is speckled.Hummingbird Close-Up

(If I’m wrong, please comment and let me know!)


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Phil has succeeded where I failed. He camped out on the hammock and waited for the hummingbird to return. It was well worthwhile, he got some really great shots. These two are my favorites. Hummingbird by PhilHummingbird 2 by Phil

After a bit of research I’m still unsure about the species, but I’m pretty sure it’s a female. The less-than-stunning throat, visible in the top picture, and the white tips on the tail, especially visible in the lower picture, are good clues.

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I guess we’re going to have to harvest our apples sooner rather than later! The squirrels are fearless and will brave anything to chow down on this forbidden fruit. They aren’t phased by a 95-pound dog foaming at the mouth, an annoyed home-owner throwing apples at them, nothing.

 Squirrel Snacks on My Apple

I honestly have nothing against squirrels, and they give Charlie good exercise. But it does perturb me that they only eat half of an apple and then throw it away. Can’t they eat the whole apple and eat half as many?

I actually had my camera outside to try to get a picture of a hummingbird. It loves our Agastache (aka Hyssop) plant, which I just found out is also known as Hummingbird Mint!  But the little guy (gal?) was so fast and so small it was nearly impossible to get a good shot. I did manage to capture its likeness–behind a stem in an abysmally dark photo. Hopefully I’ll get another try. 

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In early August, we found Charlie hunting a cicada. We rescued it and put it out of her reach, and I was able to get this photo. Of course, it was out of my reach, too, otherwise I could’ve snapped one from above.


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Red Bug

Red Bug on Sunflower

This sunflower was a “volunteer” in our backyard, and the bug was there on its own accord, too!

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Sweat Bees

In July, I set out into the front lawn to document the bees that Phil had discovered living there. After some internet research, I determined that they are commonly known as sweat bees because they are allegedly attracted to human perspiration. However, I sweat near them all the time and they never bother me!

I am happy to have them, they do only good!

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In June, I rode my motorcycle into the driveway and was greeted by a very concerned Philip, who had thought for sure I had been blown away. I had been completely unaware of any wind, somehow I had missed the storm completely. But there was plenty of evidence of the microbursts to be found in the neighborhood. Believe it or not, there’s an SUV under this uprooted tree:

Car under uprooted tree

My parents’ house appeared on a local news video, since a nearby tree’s demise had caused the loss of power for several blocks.

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